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We provide bespoke advice and consultancy in the areas of sustainable technologies, rewilding and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

We aim our services to those who feel responsibility, drive, and desire to create a real change, yet are unsure of how to implement or take their existing project to the next level.
Come and join us on this positive journey to a better and cleaner planet.

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Preserving the planet is on the top of the world’s agenda.
Yet, our experience shows that not everyone who wants to launch a project in the area of sustainability and ESG, knows how.
We'll help you establish your roots
and support you as you grow
This is often a lack of confidence and experience as well as a congestion of entrepreneurial engagements with other projects and initiatives.
Governments are setting targets and deadlines and thousands of projects are engaging in what is now becoming a true movement.
We run a variety of exciting projects in the areas of sustainable technologies, rewilding and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and we are constantly looking for cooperation and partnership opportunities, as well as new team members and volunteers.

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Our events are aimed at various social and environmental causes. They bring together people from different walks of life and can gather as little as 12 and as many as 120 people. We do charity days, community events, micro weddings, eco flights and more.

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If you are already managing an initiative in the area of sustainability, rewilding and ESG, why not to tell us about it? We run a number of successful cooperations with projects in East Anglia and beyond.

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We run a number of support programmes and have been successful in finding and offering support to others.

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